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OUR FACILITIES....................



These are some of our stalls, facing west with the new city wall behind. The barn includes a 12x12 stall with a run, and 12x16 foaling box with its run. The outdoor half-covered stalls are 12x 24. All the stalls have misters and outlets for fans.


This picture also faces west, and shows the roundpen (on the left), the small pasture and three more outdoor stalls. These stalls are also partially covered and are 15 x 20. The pasture stall to the right is 12x16. All stalls have automatic waterers.


Our horses are turned out for at least an hour per day either in this pasture, which we call the backyard pasture, or the small pasture.

The pastures are irrigated regularly throughout the year, which keeps the grass refreshed. During irrigation the horses are turned out in the roundpen for a chance to stretch their legs.


This looks like a lawn, and it is, but we ride on it is our "arena". Horses and riders learn not to rely on walls or fences to keep themselves straight!

The city has just recently erected a wall which cuts down on road noise and increases our privacy.

WHERE WE RIDE.................


When we don't want to ride in the "arena" doing patterns and circles, we trail ride,which includes riding along the canal system. Boarders who have trailers can haul out to the mountains or the Salt River riding areas for a change of scene.


If you look carefully at the picture above, you can see one of the burrowing owls sitting on his sign, rather than by his burrow!

There are signs throughout the Preserve identifying the various types of vegetation and habitat as well as the wildlife.


When you ride north along the canal, you can access the Riparian Preserve. We are allowed to ride on the multi-use trails, and every time we ride there are different things to see - hummingbirds perching on a mesquite tree, ground owls by their burrows, rabbits, ducks and other water birds on the ponds, etc.  See the picture above........


A friend from Alaska is riding one of our Arabian mares at the Preserve. In the background is one of the holding ponds which provides habitat for ducks and other wildlife.


Taffy being ridden along a trail in the Preserve beside one of the wildlife ponds. The Maricopa County Regional Library is in the  far upper right background.


This is another view of some of the natural habitat at the Riparian Preserve.